What Makes Casinos in Australia Unique?

The history of Australian law means that the way casinos in this country operate, has long been somewhat different from other countries in the world. Anti-gambling laws indicated that many casinos existed under a ‘legal fiction,’ that allowed private members clubs to offer gambling to members and their families. The fact that it was possible to apply for a free, temporary day membership when you first arrived at the club, made the whole industry possible, but it still gives the Australian system a fairly different dynamic, to the one you’d find in the mega-casinos of Macau or Las Vegas. This has started to change, as gambling laws have been relaxed, and more globalised casinos have moved onto the scene, but what’s changed things in Australia most of all, in recent years, is the rise of the online casino.

In a country as massive as Australia, it’s not hard to see why online gaming options have gained so much traction, so quickly. A significant number of people don’t live within driving distance of even a small regional casino. For them, online gambling is the only option that they have if they want to play games like blackjack and poker against others. Surveys show that the people of Australia most definitely do want to do this. From a standing start around a decade ago, online gaming has quickly become a multi-billion dollar industry. Unsurprisingly, not everyone has been pleased by this explosion, not least the government, which feels it is undoubtedly missing out on a significant amount of tax, that would be collected if the money being gambled online was wagered in person at a casino. These issues are not unique to Australia however, and merely reflect the problems that most countries have seen, as online gaming grows in popularity among their population.